Are you the parent or family member of a child attending a public school in Illinois? If so, you may be looking for ways to help your child do well in school.

You might get involved in your child’s learning in any of the six general ways shown below: parenting, communicating with the school, volunteering at school, helping your child learn at home, helping the school make important decisions that affect your child, and working together with people and organizations in your community.

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Your child is more likely to do well in school if she is healthy and well-rested and has interesting experiences

Communicating with the School

Clear, effective communication with your child’s teachers and others at school can help your child succeed.

Volunteering at School

Getting involved in school activities shows your child that you think school is important.

Learning at Home

All students benefit when families encourage not only their school work but also their involvement in other learning activities.

Helping Your Child’s School Make Decisions

School staff and students can benefit when families get involved in school governance and other ways to influence school practices.

Working Together with Your Community

Families, schools, and local community groups can work together to support children’s learning.