Are you a program administrator or an educator serving children in a Title 1 program? If so, your job involves engaging families to help children learn. Family engagement is a complex process, and school administration and staff often look for information about requirements and promising practices.

Click on a topic area below to find links to resources (articles, videos/webinars, podcasts, websites, modules) that can help you build strong, effective relationships with the families of the children your program serves.

Communicating with Families

Effective communication is central to building strong relationships between schools and the families they serve.

Including Families in Decision Making

Schools and children can benefit when educators support families’ involvement in school governance and other ways to influence school practices.

Building a Welcoming and Supportive Environment

Families are more comfortable interacting with the school when they feel welcomed and supported.

Building a Family Engagement System

Creating and maintaining a family engagement system can present significant challenges for school personnel.

Supporting Teachers: Family Engagement

Administrators often find that teachers want additional information or professional development to help them engage families more effectively.

Supporting Families: Student Learning and Healthy Development

Research has shown that what happens at home can profoundly affect a child’s learning and healthy development.